CakeFest 2017 

A wonderful time was had by all at Dunbar Street Hall today. £3 for 3 fine slices baked by The Friends of Seaton Park community’s fair hands. We’ll let these photographs speak for themselves. Mouth watering! 

The green cake won first prize!
Second prize for this chocolate creation
The coveted CakeFest apron was 1st prize
Tidying up the crumbs after a busy morning.

Fruit Trees

As part of our effort to mark the park’s 70th anniversary we are planting 20 fruit trees (apples, cherries, plums, and pears, including some unusual heritage varieties) from 8:45am to approx.10:30am on Tuesday, 21 February, close to Mr Therm and the children’s playground. They will, we hope, produce masses of blossom for insects, and, in the fullness of time, fruit. Please come along if you would like to be involved. Bring a spade if you have one.

CakeFest 4 2017 Guide



18th March, 2017, 10–12 noon

Dunbar St. Hall, Old Aberdeen 

Thank you for requesting more information about the 2017 Friends of Seaton Park CakeFest. More questions? Please contact or send us a message on Facebook.

What is it?

The CakeFest concept is a coffee morning with a difference—think British Bake-Off meets Beer Festival! On entering the hall you will be overwhelmed by the selection of delicious, mouth-watering, homemade cakes on offer for you to eat and judge! £3 will buy you a cup of tea/coffee (juice for kids also available) and three pieces of cake. Vote for your favourite by putting your token in the cup next to it. Want more cake? Then buy more.

So You Want to Enter a Cake? 

Cakes must be homemade. There are no categories—cakes, traybakes, fruit loaves are all suitable—just make your best bake(s) and bring it (or them) along by 9:30 a.m. on the day. We’ll ask you to fill in a quick card with the name of the cake, any dietary information you can include, e.g. gluten, vegan, contains nuts, dairy free, and your details.

Please note that, although we do not want to discourage you from spending hours decorating your entries, cakes will be cut prior to public judging and therefore any decorations may be damaged (we’ll do our best not to though!)

Presentations for the winners will take place at approximately 11:30 a.m. The first prize will be the coveted CakeFest apron!

Parking and Transport 

Dunbar St. Hall is located on the right-hand side (from St Machar Drive direction), about 50m. from the road junction.

Limited parking is available free of charge on Dunbar St. Dunbar St. is a narrow residential street, so please park courteously. There is also parking on The Chanonry, a short walk away.

The Number 20 bus stops on St. Machar Drive, just 50m. from the Dunbar St. Hall. There are also many buses which stop at the St. Machar roundabout on King St., next to the Spar, a 5 minute walk from the hall.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all Friends of Seaton Park.

2017 is a special year as it marks the 70th anniversary of the purchase of the park with Common Good Funds for the people of Aberdeen.

Look out for some special events to celebrate!

In the meantime, do you have any old photographs taken in the park you would like to share here?

We might get enough to have an exhibition?


FoSP logo



The Friends of Seaton Park heron logo – where did it come from?

Friends of Seaton Park has grown a lot from our early beginnings more than four years ago. We’ve now held three successful Cakefests, two Parkfests together with numerous weed-a-thons, bark-a-thons and bulb-a-thons culminating in the most recent planting of 70,000 crocus bulbs to flower in time to mark the Park’s 70th birthday next year.

All of these events have been aimed at raising awareness of and support for the Park and at the same time raise funds to help maintain all that is needed to keep the park at its best. From an early stage it became clear that a logo that could represent the Friends would help with the work of raising funds and the Park’s profile. Now we have charitable status an identity to focus on would be really helpful.

So for more than a year we’ve been looking at ideas and trying to develop something that would represent what the Park means to the friends and everyone who uses it. Easy you would think with a place that offers so much and is so loved – but no, that’s the difficult bit! For some the heart of the park is the play area with Mr Therm the engine (away at the moment for his wash and brush up!) at its heart. For others it’s the Long or Cathedral Walk, the long formal gardens with their line of circular flower beds leading from the slope below St Machar’s Cathedral to the fountain. For still more it’s the river with its wonderful wild life, for others the quiet peace of the walled gardens and their riots of azalea colour in May. For nearly everyone the great green spaces of the Park are so important, whether it’s for kicking a ball around or for the joys of walking the dog.

But no logo could get all of these in and so we have been back and forth over ideas trying to decide how to choose what was best. The conundrum was solved for us with help from Sandy Menzies of the Slopefield Allotment Association who had developed the logo for their association and offered to help in our struggles to find the right image. He suggested basing it on the heron who is so much a part of the park, often to be seen standing patiently fishing at the edge of the river.  A heron would make a good representation of the natural wonders of the park and at the same time could stand for its more formal aspects as two herons are the main part of the decoration around the memorial fountain. This seemed just the answer we had been looking for and since then Lekky Shepherd, one of our steering committee members, has worked on developing the image of Mr Heron as we’ve come to call him (though it may well be Mrs Heron we see – perhaps one of our ornithological Friends could tell?). He is set against a green background representing the natural landscape, trees and plants of the park rising up to the twin spires of St Machar’s that overlook it. The blue band with ‘Seaton Park’ at the base gives a suggestion of the waters of the river that flow around its edge.

We aim to produce mugs and bags with this image to use as a fund-raiser and to raise the Park’s profile. We hope they will be something for all Friends to have as a way of supporting the Park.